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Record Storage

Are you tired of cramped, inefficient records storage in your own office?

Whether it's ten boxes or 10,000 boxes, Offsite Data Depot provides flexible solutions to fit every records storage and management need, often for a fraction of the cost of other storage solutions.


Document Scanning

One of the best forms of document protection against fire, earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes and other forms of disaster is the use of document imaging. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Thousands of organizations around the world use document-imaging everyday instead of paper filing systems for safe archiving purposes, and at the same time are able to offer a faster document response time to their customers.

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Whether based upon regulatory requirements, security needs, or internal document retention policies, organizations need not only retain certain records but must also ensure proper destruction of those records at the end of the documents' useful life.


Compliance, Security & Retention

Vault Storage Services When looking at HR department documents there are many different federal, state and local laws which require that certain personnel records, electronically or on paper, be kept for a specified period of time and even well after the termination of an employee's employment.
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Climate Controlled Vault

Vault Storage ServicesThe information on your computers is vital to your business. That's why you back it up, right? So, where do you store those backups so that they are protected but are still accessible when you need them?
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