Offsite Business Services Overview

Your Records Are Safe and Secure! Offsite uses an efficient shelving system constructed of solid steel with cross-braced beams that are bolted to the ground.

Based upon regulatory requirements, security needs, or internal document retention policies, organizations need to properly destroy records at the end of the documents' life.

One of the best forms of document protection against fire, earthquakes, flooding, and other forms of disaster is the use of document scanning. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Offsite Data Depot introduces northern Nevada's newest climate-controlled vault for affordable storage and protection of your electronic media and other sensitive materials.

Offsite has a proven, deployed technology that is stress-tested, refined and available to all businesses. Offsite tracks evolving spam campaigns in real-time.

Are You Looking For A New Records Storage & Management Company? Are you already outsourcing your records storage and not happy with the results? Are you interested in enhancing your services and making the switch to Offsite Data Depot?

These are all important questions when choosing another vendor for your vital business information. Offsite has developed a system that makes this process very easy for you and your staff. Once you decide to switch to Offsite from other service providers, we handle all of the details for you. Offsite will provide all the data entry, bar coding, transportation and final placement in our secure records center. Our customers can even request file and box deliveries the same day they are transferred to Offsite. Contact an Offsite representative to learn more. You're in good company . . . 97% of customers say they would order from us again and recommend us to a friend!

Offsite serves many locations such as Carson City, Reno, Minden, Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe, Fernley, Yerington, Sparks and Dayton to name a few.