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Internal costs of managing your own paper files:
  • Drive or walk to storage: 20 - 40 min
  • Search for file and specific documents: 15 - 30 min
  • Return to work area: 20 - 40 min
  • Copy, fax, or mail documents: 15 - 20 min
  • Prepare files for destruction: 10 - 20 min

Total Time: 1:20 hrs - 2:30 hrs
(Assuming $15/hr salary + benefits: $20.00 - $37.50 per occurrence.)

Records Storage & File Management

Are you tired of cramped, inefficient records storage in your own office?

Whether it's ten boxes or 10,000 boxes, Offsite Data Depot provides flexible solutions to fit every records storage and management need, often for a fraction of the cost of other storage solutions.

Our state-of-the-art records center combines secure, environmentally-controlled storage and efficient records management with fast, courteous, professional service.

Your Records Are Safe and Secure

Offsite Data Depot utilizes an efficient shelving system constructed of solid steel with cross-braced beams that are bolted to the ground to ensure file safety in an earthquake. Thousands of sprinklers are placed throughout our record center and our servers are backed up daily, both to back-up servers and to an offsite facility. There truly is no safer place to store your important files than at our facility.

Bar Code Tracking Makes It Easy to Get to Your Records in 10 Minutes or Less

Offsite's sophisticated data management system utilizes bar coding technology to track and monitor records, allowing us to locate and retrieve any file within minutes. Utilizing handheld wireless scanning wands, every movement of your files and containers is recorded and tracked, leading to 100% accountability.

Barcode Technology

Pickup and Delivery Saves You Time and Is Available 24/7

Offsite's customized fleet of vehicles transports records to and from your office securely and efficiently. We keep our trucks and vans clean and in top shape as a reflection of our respect for you and your records. Our drivers are specifically trained to properly handle them. We offer same-day delivery on requests before 11 a.m., and rush service within 20 minutes. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customer Work Room So You Can View Your Records at Offsite

We understand that sometimes it's more convenient for you to come by and view your records without bringing them back to your office. If you would like to come to our facility to work with your files, you will be our guest in our on-site customer work room at no charge. We want to accommodate your work habits, not make you work around ours.

Real Time Online Account Management

Free to all Offsite clients, our Web Access service allows you secure, 24-hour access to your records right from your desktop. This allows unsurpassed accessibility, control, and service of your accounts.

Security That Exceeds HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Requirements

No one but authorized persons will ever have access to any of your files. You can rest easy knowing that our system will always be ready to serve you.

Needs of your organization

You use information to conduct business and support your business processes. This information becomes the evidence of how your organization operates and makes decisions. Therefore, you need a document and records management system that lets your organization meet your legal obligations, both required by law and by internal practices. A document and records management system that does not help you meet your obligations creates the impression of compliance without providing the service needed for actual compliance with the law.

For a free consultation on how to get a records management program in place that covers all your business needs call an Offsite representative today.  We will take the pain and confusion out of the equation.

Commercial Records Center

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