Business Faq's

Do you offer a secure place to store delicate media?There is no better way to protect your company's vital assets from catastrophic loss from fire, earthquake, flood, heat, humidity, or computer crash than with Offsite.
Why is it better to store my documents with Offsite than on my own?Offsite can save its customers as much as 50% over storing and managing documents themselves. Offsite exceeds all security standards for HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley and other legal requirements for security of your documents.
How much does it cost to store my records with Offsite?It varies based on how many cubic feet you need to store. Offsite charges by the cubic foot, which enables us to handle all sizes and types of containers. A standard file box, which stores both legal-sized and letter-sized documents, measures 1.2 cubic feet. E-mail us today for a free estimate.
How secure are my hard copy documents?Offsite exceeds all security standards for HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley and other legal requirements for security of your documents. They are as safe as if they were locked in your own vault. Handling procedures are carefully logged and monitored so that your records stay secure at all times.
Is Offsite compliant with HIPAA and other federal privacy laws?Absolutely. Offsite maintains compliance with all federal privacy laws and is proud to serve many of the area's largest hospitals, medical practices, law offices, banks, title companies, and CPA's.
How do I prepare my files for offsite storage?Once your contract is signed, Offsite will provide you with a "New Customer Package", including the number of bar-code labels you request and all the forms you'll need to get started. We ask that you place the bar-code labels provided to you on the ends of each box, then record each container's bar-code number, alternate code (if your company has its own box numbering scheme), contents description and destroy date on the Container Add Form.
Once this is complete, just call for a pick-up and Offsite will pick up the containers and the Container Add Forms and bring the containers to our record center for placement into storage. It's that easy!
What if I want to request individual files instead of whole containers?Offsite is one of the few records managers to offer bar-codes on individual file folders. For our customers who require individual files, this service is a lifesaver. It provides total accountability from the time your records arrive at Offsite since you can always see which files are in and which are not, rather than guess at what might be in the box. This also makes for quicker access and delivery when access time is critical.
Is my information traceable at all times through the system?Yes it is. Offsite's powerful Web-accessed interface allows you to see the status of any order you place as it makes its way through our system, from file pull, to placement on our truck, to delivery into your hands. Also, once your file or container is delivered, our handheld printers allow our drivers to print out a tag detailing the items delivered, the time of delivery, the driver's name, and the name of the recipient. This provides total accountability throughout the delivery process.
Also, our intuitive, user-friendly Web interface allows you to search your inventory and post items to a service request immediately on demand. This allows you manage your files and containers in real-time right from your desktop in your own office.
Does Offsite provide scanning services?Offsite's high-speed scanners offer the latest in digital conversion and provide a convenient way to access your documents electronically. You can now visit our online web repository and view your documents with ease as long as you have a  secure log-in. Call us today for a FREE records review and quote.
Will Offsite use my boxes for storage?Yes, though we require all boxes coming into storage to have lids and handles. The Offsite box measures 11"w x 13"h x 15"d and can carry up to 1.2 cubic feet of material. It is rated at 200lbs., is guaranteed for life, and is available for purchase from Offsite. It provides a safe and secure way to store documents. While this is the standard size for our record centers, other sized containers are permissible if they have handles and lids.
Does Offsite have enough space for growth?Yes! We can house all your storage needs. We can and will create more space if needed.
How secure are my hardcopy documents?Offsite exceeds all security standards for HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley and other legal requirements for security of your documents. They are as safe as if they were locked in your own vault. Handling procedures are carefully logged and monitored so that your records stay secure at all times.
Can I add material to a box or file already in storage?Definitely. Our "document insert" function makes it easy, and it saves you the trouble of having to request a file simply to insert a piece of paper and send it right back to storage.
Offsite claims to be able to get a file to me in 20 minutes or less. How?Offsite utilizes the latest in bar-coded data management software to track right down to the file level. Once an order is placed, either via the Web or fax, Offsite's record center team can lay their hands on that file in twenty minutes in most cases. Within the next eight minutes, if requested, Offsite will either fax the file, send it via Scan-and-Send-on-Demand directly to your worksite, or, if you wish, you may pick it up at our record center. If you request a twenty minute service, and we miss that cut-off, the service is free. Give us a try!
Offsite will retrieve and copy charts for patients who prove their identity and pay the requisite fee. The retired physician is never bothered nor charged for the retrieval service in any way. And when the charts come to the end of their life, Offsite will confidentially shred them using HIPAA-Compliant standards.
Can you help retiring physicians deal with patient records?Definitely. The need to store patient files to their statutory limits, up to around 19 years in some cases, is well-known. And though the physician must retain possession of the charts, former patients need access to their health information all the time. If a retiring doctor does not want a jam-packed garage and a new full-time job, Offsite can help.
Where is Offsite located?Our corporate office is located in Sparks, but we service areas such as: Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Fernley, Fallon, Yerington, Dayton, Minden, Gardnerville and many other northern Nevada locations.
Are all my containers kept together in the record center?No. From a practical viewpoint, that would be impossible. Plus, we don't need to have them together. Because of Offsite's sophisticated data management system and its use of bar-codes, we can locate and retrieve any file in a few minutes.
Why should I choose Offsite as my records storage service provider?
  • Security that exceeds industry standards for HIPAA and other laws.
  • Fast retrieval service (20 minutes or less).
  • Web-access management interface allows you direct access to your records.
  • High-speed electronic imaging/scanning services.
  • Ability to retrieve a single file from a box on demand.
  • State-of-the-art document management & tracking system.
  • Minimum storage costs are less than any other off-site storage facility with or without the same security standards.