Free to all Offsite's clients, our Web Access service allow you secure, 24-hour access to your records right from your desktop. This allows unsurpassed accessibility, control and service of your accounts.

Offsite is proud to present RSWeb.NET, the premier technology for online account management. It's an easy and convenient way to access your account and order services, from pick-ups and deliveries to reports and destruction. You can search your inventory of stored material by item code, description, alternate ID, among other fields of your choice.

Your organization may wish to have many users, each with a different level of clearance or only able to access certain departments, if that is called for. We hope you will take full advantage of this cutting edge technology to make your Offsite experience even more smooth and efficient.

If you do not have an account log-in contact us and we will provide you one. Once you have completed and submitted your information, an Offsite representative will contact you within 48 hours to give you your User ID and Password and to let you know that you're ready to get started!