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Small and large businesses will use the cloud for a backup solution. Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Online Backup and recovery is a major part of a growing consumer trend. An estimated 1-in-10 computer hard drives fail each year resulting in the loss of important files such as financial documents, emails, digital photos and music. Even more, nearly 43% of all computer users will lose some of their important files because of other computer or hardware problems.

Consumers and small businesses especially are interested in alternative methods of protecting their data, as traditional backup methods fall short regarding efficiency, reliability, and ease-of-use. Consumers are shifting towards protecting the information stored on their computer's hard drive by using an online backup service. Similarly, small & medium businesses are actively scouting for a complete backup-to-the-cloud solution, which is inexpensive, reliable & provides mandatory compliance.

Adding an online backup solution to your business will not only bring you peace of mind but will safeguard you for unforeseen disasters and occurrences that can cripple your organization.  Call an Offsite representative today and take advantage of their 15 free trial and see how easy it is to implement, retrieve past info and protect what matters most, your data!

It’s under lock and key, so it’s secure, right?

Stockpiling old hard drives leaves you vulnerable:
Whether it’s your IT closet, or an unsecured self-storage facility, confidential information stored on hard drives, back-up storage and other media is the target of data thieves.

Data that you erase, reformat, wipe or degauss can be restored:
You already know that erasing is not 100% safe, no matter what the software promises. The actual data remains. Information thieves can restore the data you thought was destroyed.

Improper destruction could lead to a costly breach:
Storing confidential information, in any form, is putting your organization at risk of a security breach and liability. On average, a security breach will cost a business $5.5 million, not to mention reputation damage and loss of business.*

Why put your company at risk:
The cost to destroy your hard drives is minimal compared to the potential risks you face when you don’t. Offsite will permanently destroy your information at an affordable cost that will fit your budget.

Destroying a hard drive 100% is the effective way to permanently render its information inaccessible:
Offsite’s secure chain of custody ensures pick up and destruction within a few business days. You will also receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records.
*Ponemon Institute © Research Report (March 2012)

Offsite provides a secure chain of custody at each step by:
1. Documenting the serial/identifying number of each hard drive for destruction, and providing a copy of the log sheet for your records

2. Securely transporting your hard drives to our monitored facility

3. Logging the manufacturer and serial number of each device before destroying your hard drives

4. Completely destroying your hard drives in our secure location

5. Sending an itemized Certificate of Destruction for your files following destruction of your hard drives

6. We partner with recyclers across the U.S. helping to reduce your carbon footprint