Mission Statement

"Our mission is to develop a world class Records Storage and Information Management company which strives to promote continuing partnerships with each client and helps them become more efficient and effective with their daily processes. We provide innovative solutions that are specifically tailored for each of our clients data management needs, thus helping them stay ahead of the competition."

Offsite Records Management & Storage Solutions

Offsite Data Depot offers each of their clients a secure low-cost solution for off-site records storage. Free up valuable office space by outsourcing your data to a local compliant company that can help you control all of your paper documents, tapes and digital files.

Your business records hold tremendous operational, financial and legal value. But managing these records, keeping them safe & accessible when you need them and securely disposing of them when you don't is consuming an ever-growing percentage of your budget.

With Offsite Data Depot's Management and Document Storage solutions, you'll get comprehensive, cost-effective services and strategies that can help you control your ever-growing volume of business information:

> Free up valuable space and resources by storing your records in our highly secure off-site facilities
> Stay in control with 24/7 access to your records using the RSWEB.net portal, phone, email or fax
> Maintain a fully audit-able chain of custody from pickup to delivery via our secure transportation fleet
> Implement proactive, legally sound classification, retention, and destruction policies that protect your organization from discovery oversights and prepares you for litigious events
> Improve business continuity and your ability to recover from disaster
>Simplify compliance with industry and government regulations
> Improve the productivity of your employees

When you outsource your records management to Offsite Data Depot, you'll benefit from the experience we have gained working with hundreds of organizations in every industry and of all sizes. As a result, you'll gain greater control over your information management processes, reduce risk, and control your storage costs.

What if you could reduce document storage costs by up to 50%?


Team Members:

Riley Goodrick- Records Center Coordinator/Transportation

Riley comes from a very diverse background with experience in technology, transportation, logistics and is very mechanically inclined. His ability to work with our clients in a professional manner is a great benefit to our company. We appreciate his work ethic and strong sense of customer service. Say hello to Riley as he will become one of the familiar faces you will see.

Tallon Olson- Imaging Department Specialist

Tallon Olson

Tallon has a great deal of experience with document scanning and imaging. He is well versed in dealing with financial, mortgage, investment statements, payroll and many other types of business records. He also has a background in administrative, clerical and data entry duties. He is a great addition to our team and we look forward to utilizing his expertise at Offsite.

Best Business Practices & Employee Compliance

At Offsite we take hiring of employees very seriously. Not only because we handle confidential client information but because our core ethics and business practices mandate that we abide by all governing laws and regulations.

For example, we have all new hires go through a thorough criminal background investigation, fingerprinting and drug screening. This is done prior to any handling and accessing of client records.

We invite you to join the Offsite Data Depot team!

As a leading provider of storage and information management services, Offsite is always seeking talented, motivated individuals to join our company.

In today's information-driven world, working at Offsite will put you at the top of a dynamic industry and at the heart of the action, helping organizations protect and manage the data and records they rely on to run their businesses.

If you embrace challenge, work well in a team setting and are driven to grow and excel in your career, we would like to hear from you.

First and foremost, our team is relentlessly focused on our customers' needs. We know that Offsite's success stems from helping customers gain competitive advantage through more effective management of their information assets.

Offsite attracts people who thrive in a dynamic environment. Our employees enjoy the challenge of working for a company that is constantly evolving in response to corporate acquisitions, changing business and compliance requirements and new technologies for records management, imaging, data backup and secure shredding.

Offsite serves many locations such as Carson City, Reno, Minden, Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe, Fernley, Yerington, Sparks and Dayton to name a few.